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Our story - Why we do what we do

Our story

Why we do what we do

As ringlovers we believe that all custom jewelry should have the highest quality and best design.

As Swedes we believe in companies that are honest, sustainable and put others first.

As consumers we couldn’t find any affordable custom jewelry company that embodied all of these things.

That is where our story begins

Our Founder Benjamin Waye is on a mission to make custom jewelry available. Revolving around spectacular designs, masterwork quality and with our constant effort to challenge the price in every process of the supply chain. TIDAN offers serious quality at unprecedented pricing.

With design at its centre

We believe that all creations deserve great design. That is why we only employ the best designers globally to help you day and night with your personal project and make it perfect. We know that this is an item that you are making for the long-term and so it should carry throughout the ages and that is what we always aim to help you achieve.

Sustainably sourced and produced

We offer Fair trade metals and sustainable materials such as lab grown diamonds to make you feel confident in your footprint.

Going against the stream

Begin your journey

TIDAN - life time warranty
Lifetime warranty

We cover accent stone loss and our perfect craftmanship included in the price of your ring.

TIDAN - Craftmanship
Swedish craftmanship

We use the most modern production methods available to ensure you get the most value of your ring. In the end we always finish by hand in Stockholm, Sweden.

TIDAN - Sustainable production
Honest pricing

We said goodbye to traditional 10x markups and sell directly to you. Making custom fine jewelry truly available.

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