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Best goldsmiths in Stockholm? - These are the Top 5 - TIDAN
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Best goldsmiths in Stockholm? – These are the Top 5

Looking for the best goldsmiths in Stockholm? You want the best of the best, we know. Once you have chosen to design your own jewelry, the choice remains to choose the right goldsmith. We have compiled the 5 best goldsmiths in Stockholm that offer custom-made jewelry.


TIDAN is revolutionizing the jewelry industry with the goal of making custom made jewelry affordable and accessible through a completely new technology: 3D printing. Read more about what 3D-printing is Here.

TIDAN specializes in creating custom made jewelry, entirely according to customer preferences. Through 3D printing, TIDAN can create exactly what the customer wants with maximum precision. The team consists of the best 3D designers and jewelry experts around the world, to make sure you get the best of the best. In addition, TIDAN is both environmentally friendly and affordable. TIDAN offers sustainable alternatives such as lab-grown diamonds and Fair-trade gold and silver. TIDAN wants you to feel confident in your footprint!
TIDAN is constantly working to challenge the price, and therefore manages to price match with competitors. The price is often even lower, because of the avoidance of additional costs of mass production. This results in a solid craftsmanship, quality without compromise and 100 % customized designs at a fair price. This makes TIDAN number 1 on this list, and the best goldsmith in Stockholm.

TIDAN follows you all the way from idea to finished product. There are no limits to what you can create! Start a project now, click Here.

2. Gunnar Fahlström

Gunnar Fahlström AB is a well-known jeweller for the Swedes for having created handmade jewelry since 1930. This is a Swedish family business, where the craft have been transferred from generation to generation. The collections are classic, elegant and minimalistic.

The customers can order a handmade piece of jewelry entirely to their own taste, or rework already existing jewelery.

3. Oskar’s Gold & Silver

Oskar’s Gold and Silver is the goldsmith who doesn’t disappoints. With its own forge in the store, it is possible to create jewelry according to your own idea. The store has been around for over 20 years in Stockholm´s Old Town (Gamla Stan).

Customers visiting Oskar’s Gold and Silver are usually looking for something to wear throughout their entire lives. They also sell other ready-made products, but always handmade by themselves.

4. Hellström´s Gold

Hellström´s Gold is the goldsmithy that has been active for 60 years and has their own studio on Nybrogatan where they manufacture their own jewelry. They traditionally sell handmade jewelry of good quality.

Hellström´s offers custom-made jewelry according to the customer’s taste. They also sell other brands in the store, such as Georg Jensen, Ti Sento and Ole Lynggaard.

5. “Smide & Form”

Since 1985, the small, familiar company Smide & Form has created its own handmade jewelry on Hornsgatan in Stockholm. Mission still stands by only creating and selling its own design. With 30 years in the industry, they have extensive experience in the traditional craftsmanship of jewelry making. They also offer the chance for a special order.

Hope this info was helpful for you to find the best goldsmiths in Stockholm. Start a project with TIDAN, and get to meet the experts today.

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