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Design your own wedding ring - Good to know and think about in advance. - TIDAN

Design your own wedding ring – Good to know and think about in advance.

Do you want to design your own wedding ring? This may be useful to know in advance.

We’ve compiled the most important things you need to consider when designing your own wedding ring, or engagement ring. We recommend to visit a goldsmith who offers 3D printed jewelry. Through this, there are no limits to what you can create. Since each piece of jewelry is created to order, there are no unnecessary costs. TIDAN offers 3D printed jewelry for maximum precision. If you are wondering about the different ring models or materials, you can read about them here.

1. Get help from environmentally friendly professionals.

Once you have decided which type of ring you want to create, which metal and which stone, it is time to choose the goldsmith. If you are unsure about the basic choices, you can ask the goldsmith for advice. Ask them to show what the different options look like, and what that would fit with your engagement ring. The team at TIDAN consists of among the best jewelry and 3D designers around the world and have great knowledge in the subject. TIDAN offers the service to design your own rings or other jewelry online, by starting a project on the website.

You should also make sure that the goldsmith is environmentally friendly and uses sustainable materials and processes. A hot tip is to test a goldsmith who offers 3D printinted jewelry,to shorten the supply chain. Sustainable materials and fair working environments are also important as you can make sure that everything has gone well, with the least possible ecological footprint. TIDAN offers sustainable alternatives such as lab-grown diamonds and even Fair-trade gold and silver.

Also, choose a goldsmith with a lifetime warranty,as you can make sure that any manufacturing defects do not affect you and your dream ring. TIDAN creates jewelry that should last for a life time, and guarantees repair if there are any problems with this.

2. Match your wedding ring to the engagement ring.

Don’t forget that the wedding ring you create should complement the engagement ring, in both style and fit. It is preferable to choose the same metal on your engagement ring and wedding ring, in order for the colors to match. The fit of these two rings and how they sit on the finger together is also very important. The wedding ring should not wear on the engagement ring, or vice versa. In addition, none of the rings should “take over” for the other, they should complement each other.

Ask your goldsmith what you can do to avoid wear on the rings, to keep them for a life time. For example, the rings should preferably have the same height (at the high edge) so they do not rip any claws that hold the stones. Measures should also be taken to avoid ripping out engraving. Ask your goldsmith for advice on any wear and tear problems. TIDAN has the experience of creating rings that last a long time, with a craftsmanship of the highest quality. You can sit back, relax, and trust that everything is done properly.

3. Adapt the wedding ring to your everyday life.

A final, but very important part of the process, is to think about what your everyday life looks like. For example, if you have a job where you work a lot with your hands, this may need to be taken into account when designing your wedding ring. The wedding ring will hopefully sit on your finger for life, and it should last for the everyday life you live. Consult your goldsmith. How can the ring be adapted to you and your life in the best way? Depending on what you want to create, you may need to remove the ring in certain situations. Design based on the situations you want your ring to handle.

TIDAN - Moissanite, design your own wedding ring

How do I avoid overcharges?

When you design something from scratch, you also get the chance to set the budget entirely according to your own premises. Create your wedding ring with a goldsmith offering honest prizes,so you can get the most out of your budget.

At TIDAN, all jewelry is made-to-order and therefore no stock. This does not require an additional margin to cover the costs of the jewellery that is not sold. Read more about our honest prices Here.

How long will it take?

How long does it take to design your own wedding ring? It depends, of course, on which goldsmith you choose and what you want to do. More advanced designs take longer than simple ones. At TIDAN, the creation of a unique wedding ring can take between 4 – 6 weeks. As soon as you know what you want to do, it takes 1 day to create a 3D model, and then the work can get started!


Make sure to choose a sustainable and environmentally friendly goldsmith with a nice supply chain. The material should be Fair-trade and the diamonds lab grown to avoid any unfair working conditions when extracting the materials. Also, make sure that the goldsmith has a lifetime warranty and that they create rings that will last a life time. Also, be sure to match your wedding ring to the engagement ring, not only in appearance but also in a practical way. Use a 3D designer to consider all options. The wedding ring should also be adapted to your everyday life and work, consult with your goldsmith about this for the best durability. Avoid mass production and overprices. With TIDAN it takes 4 – 6 weeks to create a unique ring

It doesn’t have to be complicated to design your own wedding ring. As long as you have any ideas, we can help with the rest. At TIDAN you can feel safe throughout the process. Start a project with us, and get in touch with our experts today.


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