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Guidance and inspiration for your Wedding Ring - TIDAN

Guidance and inspiration for your Wedding Ring

It can be difficult to know where to start to find Guidance and Inspiration for your Wedding Ring. Do you want to design your own ring or buy an already forged ring? Regardless, it’s a good idea to decide which ring model and material you want.

Ring models for wedding ring:

There are several types of wedding rings, and each is following a specific design. These different types can be useful to know when you design your own ring. Choose a type that suits you best, and then think about how you want it to look, and what feeling you want to give the ring. See the following ring models as a base and inspiration for your wedding ring. Then choose color and material, gold or platinum? and what stone you want, diamond or anther stone?

Alliance ring

Alliance rings are called the rings that have stones attached to the band around the finger. How many stones you want in the ring is up to you. Do you want stones around the whole band and around the whole finger? Or just around half your finger on the front? Choose between full alliance, semi-alliance or quarter alliance. The advantage of this type of ring is that the stones do not stand out so much from the band, and therefore reduces wear on the stones.

Solitaire rings

Solitaire rings is very popular wedding rings, and the most common. These rings are distinguished by having a stone in the middle of the ring, which stands out from the band. These rings can differ greatly in price, depending on which and how big you want the stone to be. You can read more about solitaire rings here.

Side-stone ring

If you want to add that little extra to your solitaire ring, you can develop it into a side-stone ring. This means a combination between an alliance ring and a one-stone ring. This gives extra attention to the larger stone in the middle, and more that glimmers on the ring!

Halo ring

Halo rings are for those who want to radiate luxury and who like to spend a little extra on their wedding ring. The word “halo” means the ring or circle of stones that surrounds the main stone in the middle, to accentuate it even more and add more glimmering stones. Halos radiates exclusivity!

Carmosé ring

Want to give a vintage feeling to your wedding ring? Then carmosé ring is for you. These rings usually have a larger stone in the middle that can be colored, such as ruby or sapphire, or transparent such as diamond or Moissanites. This is then surrounded by small brilliants, like a haloring. However, the design looks different on a Carmosé ring.

Multi-stone ring

As the name tells us, this is a ring with several stones. They are different from alliance rings since the alliance stones are inside the ring band, while the stones on a multi-stone ring can be placed as on a solitaire ring, outside the ring band. Multi-stone rings have between 2-9 stones that can be placed as desired. An example is a ring with 3 stones, where the stone in the middle is the largest.

Flat ring

The flat rings have no stones in the band, and are a common engagement ring in Sweden. This is later complemented by a wedding ring with stones. The flat rings are simple, and the focus is on the thickness and choice of metal.

Which material should I choose?


Gold comes in a variety of colors. What color do you want? There’s Yellow Gold that has, as it sounds, that classic golden color. There is also Rose Gold and Red Gold. The differences on this is that Red Gold contains less copper than Rose Gold, which gives it a more golden color. For white color, you can choose between White Gold and Platinum. A layer of Rhodium is added to White Gold to make it white, while Platinum has a white/silvery color that lasts as long as the ring itself. Read more about materials and differences between them here.


It is less common to choose silver in a wedding ring. This is because silver rings can be considered less exclusive, as the metal is significantly cheaper than Gold or Platinum. In addition, all silver darkens over time because it reacts to oxygen and hydrogen sulphide. However, this can be remedied by polishing. However, Silver is a beautiful and long-lasting metal and the silver color does not wear off. If you have a very limited budget, silver can be something for you. You can also infuse your choice of beautiful stones in the silver ring.

See how to pick the perfect gemstone here.

Do I have to know everything in advance?

No. You don’t need to know exactly how you want your wedding ring before you start designing your own, or look for an already forged ring. See the information above as a guide and inspiration for your wedding ring. Make sure to have a “base” idea for how you want it to look. What ring model and material? Special wishes on stone? Along with this, The goldsmith can help in the design work. TIDAN has knowledgeable jewelry designers and 3D designers ready to help you create your perfect dream ring. Within 3D printing, there are no limits to what you can create. Start a project with us today and we will help you.

Hope this post has been helpful in finding inspiration and guidance for your wedding ring.


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