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Honest pricing

No stock = No unnecessary mark up

At TIDAN we have no stock, every custom jewelry we make is made-to-order. This means that we don’t need to charge extra mark up to cover for jewelry not sold.

Direct suppliers

To make custom jewelry available, we find the best manufacturers and sell directly to you. 

Our Craftmanship

Fixed margins

Some employ different margins depending on the material. This obscures the real value of what you the consumer is buying. Creating the belief that there is a much higher value in certain materials than there truly is on the open market. Often leading to regret if the item is ever turned in. 

We employ a fixed margin making you confident of the value of what you are buying. A ring is never an investment but we want you to feel that when you pay more you also receive added value. Which in traditional retail often isn’t the case.

Begin your journey

TIDAN - life time warranty
Lifetime warranty

We cover accent stone loss and our perfect craftmanship included in the price of your ring.

TIDAN - Craftmanship
Swedish craftmanship

We use the most modern production methods available to ensure you get the most value of your ring. In the end we always finish by hand in Stockholm, Sweden.

TIDAN - Sustainable production
Honest pricing

We said goodbye to traditional 10x markups and sell directly to you. Making custom fine jewelry truly available.

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