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International ring size conversion chart - US size to Swedish. - TIDAN
international ring size guide

International ring size conversion chart – US size to Swedish.

Looking for an International ring size conversion chart to convert US sizes to European? See the chart down below. If you are looking for conversions to Swedish ring sizes, it is the same as the German ones.

What size do I have with TIDAN?

Since TIDAN is a Swedish company located in Sweden, we use different ring sizes than for example the US. In Sweden, we use the same ring sizes as Germany. You can see a chart down below how all the different sizes translates between different countries. As you can see, the German sizes almost follows the same numbers as the diameter in mm. For example, a ring with a 14.5 mm in diameter, has 14.5 in size. But notice that the 0.5 sizes sometimes differs and a 17.7 mm is a 17.5 size for example. But, the Swedish/German sizes is pretty easy once you know your finger size in diameter.

Hong Kong, China, Taiwan
Japan, Singapore, and Macau
44.814.3 F 1/255 1/4  
45.514.53 1/2G  14 1/245 1/2
46.114.7 G 1/266 1/2  
47.415.1 H 1/2 7 3/41546 1/2
48.015.34 1/2I8   
48.715.5 J 9  
49.315.75J 1/29 15 3/449
50.015.9 K 10  
50.616.15 1/2K 1/210   
51.216.3 L 11 3/41651 1/4
51.916.56L 1/21112 3/4  
52.516.7 M12 16 1/251 1/2
53.116.96 1/2M 1/21314  
53.817.1 N  1752 3/4
54.417.37N 1/21415 1/417 1/454
55.117.5 O    
55.717.77 1/2O 1/21516 1/217 1/255 1/2
56.317.9 P    
57.018.18P 1/21617 3/41856 3/4
57.618.3 Q    
58.318.58 1/2Q 1/217 18 1/258
58.918.8 R 19  
59.519.09R 1/218 1959 1/4
60.219.2 S 20 1/4  
60.819.49 1/2S 1/219 19 1/260 1/2
61.419.6 T 21 1/2  
62.119.810T 1/220 2061 3/4
63.420.210 1/2U 1/22222 3/420 1/462 3/4
64.020.4 V    
64.620.611V 1/223 20 3/464 1/4
65.320.8 W 25  
65.921.011 1/2W 1/224 2166
66.621.2 X    
67.221.412X 1/22527 1/2  
67.821.6 Y  21 3/467 1/4
68.521.821 1/2Z2628 3/4  
69.122.0 Z 1/2  22 
69.722.213 27   
70.422.4 Z + 1    
71.022.613 1/2    

How to measure the ring size?

The only number you have to know – is the circumstance in mm. Start with measuring the finger that you will have the ring on. Use a measuring tape, and measure the knuckle on that finger. This is important, since some people´s knuckle is bigger than the finger below in diameter. In order for you to be able to put on the ring, it has to easily go over your knuckle. Most people do not have a significant difference between the knuckle and finger, so this extra space of air should be perfect for a comfortable fit.

Once you have measured the knuckle and have the circumference in mm, you can also see what diameter that is and what size is connected to it. That is your size.

How do I know what size my partner has?

It can be tricky to figure out what ring size your partner have by just guessing. And if you want to surprise them, don´t ask! Our recommendation is always to try to get the correct size but adjustment is always possible afterwards. Here are our tips for getting your partner’s size:

  1. Borrow a ring from the receiver. Bring it to a jeweler and ask about the size. Note that one of the hands are usually larger than the other. Make sure that it is a ring that the receiver wears on the correct hand.
  2. If you are unable to borrow a ring, measure the inner diameter of the ring. Use a piece of string and then measure that afterwards.
  3. Last option ask a friend or a family member if they know the size. This can sometimes be the best option as they might be able to discretely get it from your partner.

Here are the most common ring sizes for men and women, in Swedish sizes. See them as sizes from small, medium and large versions of the most common ones.

For women:

16.5, 17.5, 18, and 19 (mm)

For men:

20, 20,5 and 21,5 (mm)

Also, notice that if you are making a broad ring band, choose a bigger size.

Hope that this information was helpful as an international ring size conversion guide, and what size to get. Notice that when you create something with TIDAN, you should know your Swedish ring size. This is the same as the diameter in the international ring size conversion table above.

You can always contact us if you have any questions, or start creating a project with us to meet our experts today.


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