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Moissanite vs Lab grown diamond - Which one is better? - TIDAN

Moissanite vs Lab grown diamond – Which one is better?

Moissanite is a rising star in the diamond substitute business now rivaled by Lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds comes in two different makes HPHT and CVD. Now to the question which one should you pick?

Hardness of Lab grown diamonds vs Moissanites

Mohs scale for Lab grown diamonds and Moissanites
Mohs scale showing Lab grown diamonds at the top and Moissanites just below

Hardness is generally measured using the Mohs scale. It is resistance of a material to scratches. The higher on the Mohs scale the higher its ability to resist scratches from other materials. Currently Diamonds/Lab grown diamonds are the only material that no other material can scratch. Every other materials hardness is relative to the diamond. You can most likely guess where this is heading and yes Lab grown diamond has a higher hardness than a Moissanite. Lab grown diamonds has a Mohs value of 10 while Moissanites has a Mohs value of 9.25. What this means is that the only other material that can scratch a Moissanite is a Diamond or another Moissanite. The only material that can scratch a Diamond is another Diamond. Since both of these scenarios are unlikely to occur in normal wear you can feel safe in the durability of both options.

Value of Lab grown diamonds vs Moissanites

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What you get in carats when it comes to Lab grown diamonds is much less than what you get in Moissanites. Moissanites is far much cheaper than a lab grown diamond. However one should bear in mind. Moissanites are not as rigorously graded as Lab grown diamonds. Moissanites comes with no certificate which means one can never be 100% sure one gets the quality one expects when buying a Moissanite.

Ethical considerations of Lab grown diamonds vs Moissanites

The main issue with Moissanites currently is that they are mainly produced and polished in China. A totalitarian government where human rights are not always in the center. Lab grown diamonds however are grown in many parts of the world and can easily be sourced from any country without affecting the price. India and USA are both large producers of Lab grown diamonds. At TIDAN we only buy precious stones from ethical and democratic sources.

Appearance of Lab grown diamonds vs Moissanites

As can be seen from the picture above, the brightness and reflectivity of the diamond is lower. Or in other words it is much higher with the Moissanite. This is usually one of the tell-tale signs of a Moissanite. You will usually not see a diamond exhibit such a reflectivity as seen above in the picture of the Moissanite.


Both are lovely stones. The main thing that sets these stones apart in the end is the emotion attached to them. For many Lab grown diamonds has a higher emotional value as it is an exact copy of a diamond while Moissanite is close but not exactly the same. Budget-wise the Moissanite far excels the lab grown diamond especially in the larger sizes.

At TIDAN we offer all our rings with both ethical Lab grown diamonds and Moissanites. Check out our custom engagement rings.

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