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TIDAN is revolutionizing the jewelry industry - TIDAN
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TIDAN is revolutionizing the jewelry industry

Any static, conventional industry is going to be under the constant threat of innovation. For years, the jewelry industry has not been renewed nor pushed to its limits. Big companies with a stable influx of profit are afraid of change because it might damage their profit. The mindset has always been “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. TIDAN is here to revolutionize and fix what’s wrong with the industry.

What differs us from traditional companies?

For starters, TIDAN is 100% bespoke jewelry is unrivaled. The only thing TIDAN is lacking to boom into the scene is, essentially, reputation. For startups in such a weird time, marketing has got to be careful and effective. However, we are not afraid. To be afraid is to be unconfident in what we stand for. We stand for constant innovation, for never-ending efforts to make jewelry what it should be – affordable, custom and high quality. We have collaborated with Kaspersky in the past to produce the best biometric rings for high security purposes.

Our collaboration with Kaspersky.

How is TIDAN less pricey than mass-production?

It’s odd, right? A bespoke piece that costs less or the same with mass produced products by companies with established factories and stable supply chain. That goes against even the basics in the suit industry where bespoke is going to cost you 10 times the price of off-the-shelf ones. TIDAN is not just another average company that is afraid of taking the extra step. We strive for the best supply chain, the best suppliers and the best goldsmiths to ensure your product costs less with no quality corners cut. A simple chart is going to tell you everything you need to know on why we are indeed more affordable:

design your own wedding ring, honest pricing at TIDAN
Why TIDAN is more affordable

What inspires us?

The core of our business is to solve the recurring problems in the industry. Those problems do add up and results in a lot of money lost on unnecessary processes and middlemen. TIDAN’s supply chain is short, effective and well-planned:

A graph on TIDAN supply chain
The transportation process

We work with 100% transparency and lifetime warranty to establish our position as a reliable, honest jeweler in the industry. Price-match policy is already in place to remind you that our supply chain is really the best in the business.

How is TIDAN revolutionizing the industry?

  1. Innovation: We are believers in innovation can and will change the world for the better. Our process, our work and our ideas are ultimately done because we want to make custom jewelry incredibly affordable for all. Next time you walk into a mass-produced jewelry store, ask yourself: “Is this what I really want when I have a service that will make custom jewelry for me at the same price if not lower and that will offer me lifetime warranty?” The answer is clear. You can’t go wrong with us.
  2. Precision: We use 3D printing technology to offer high precision printing, giving you the very best match to your design. The technology allows us to cater to your EVERY NEED. Tell us your wildest dreams and it might just come true!
  3. Customer-oriented: Businesses are built on the basis of customer, of demand. We give customers what’s best for them in terms of quality, pricing, warranty and we can only hope to receive the same amount of love.
  4. Optimization: Middlemen are the culprit of so many extra charges that are unnecessary! Middlemen are for companies without a clear vision and a clear understanding of the process – they hire middlemen as experts to guide them or to be their expert. We are experts and we know exact what works where and what is completely irrelevant. We don’t pocket those savings, those are passed on to the customers.
  5. Custom: For years, the word bespoke or custom sounds expensive, luxurious and unreachable. Why should it, though? We took a long hard look and realize: “Hey! It doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be made affordably!”. Rest assured, for us, custom is 100% custom. We don’t only let you add a few words and call it custom. It was made by you, for you and to you.
  6. Experts: We have experts and experienced people on our team. Renowned experts, gemologists, smiths and artists to always be there along the way and to help you design the best thing you’ve ever seen.
  7. Satisfaction: We love to receive satisfaction from customers. As a result, we aren’t going to put you on hold for several hours. We answers within 24 hours and we also have a chatbox through our app in which you can reach us directly. At the moment this article was written, there has been NO negative reviews about us. All our customers are satisfied. We are proud to say that.

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We just know how hard it is to make a difference in today’s hectic world. However, it’s of utmost importance that we continue to improve on our past and head towards a better future. To revolutionize the industry, you have to have conviction, belief and confident in what you are doing. Once you have enough drive and determination to do it, the rest is history and what others say is background noise. We at TIDAN are willing to do whatever it takes to deliver top-notch experience to our customers and you should, too.

“If you have an idea that you genuinely think is good, don’t let some idiot talk you out of it.”

Stan Lee

TIDAN is a jewelry/technology startup that incorporates the excellence of 3D printing into metallurgy. TIDAN 100% customizable jewelry are made with ethical, sustainable materials and Swedish craftmanship. We are in the business of emotion, of love therefore we commit to the highest standard of quality and care. Providing lifetime warranty to let you know we won’t ever let you down.

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