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Top 5 custom jewelers in the USA - TIDAN CUSTOM JEWELER
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Top 5 custom jewelers in the USA

Custom jewelers create your very own piece of jewelry. It’s unique, memorable and it’s always worth it. A piece of custom jewelry allows you to save a memory or something dear to you and keep it close. It will follow you through your ups, your downs and even your happiest moments. Therefore, we believe it is crucial that you get the piece you love and adore with quality and warranty to back it up. TIDAN’s staff has compiled a list of custom jewelers in USA that we think would be useful for you!

What are the top custom jewelers in the USA?


TIDAN full process from start to finish made by our wonderful inhouse artist who will also assist you with your custom jewelery!


  • Most affordable service.
  • High precision process (ultilizing 3D printing).
  • Top designers worldwide assisting you in your designing.
  • High craftmanship from Sweden. No corners cut.
  • Sustainable production.
  • Transparent process showing you exactly what happens where.
  • A customer service that really cares and 1-on-1.
  • Price-match guarantees because we believe in our affordability.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Have a dedicated app for easier and better communication.


  • Not located in the USA. However, the operation is extended to the USA.

TIDAN custom jeweler is one of a kind in our mission to redefine an aging industry and to be the future of made-to-order jewellery.

We putting the user in the centre and delivering an experience built for the modern consumer.

We want consumers to be able to invest time into the design and what they truly want instead of getting it at the store, already made, like it has been for years and years.

We don’t want consumers to worry about the 4Cs, sustainable production or inhumane labour conditions.

We build and provide the tools needed for the modern consumer to make informed decisions on how they want their unique piece to be made. Along with it are the expertise and top designers needed to get exactly the dream jewelry you want. Covered by a warranty and the insurance services needed to let you know we won’t let you down.

A screenshot of TIDANapp landing page. landing page


Pros: Many reviews from customers, lifetime warranty and free sizing kit is sent to you, price-match guarantees.

Cons: They have negative employee reviews about the company’s management and are despite their marketing more expensive than market average.

You can’t make a list about custom jewelry and not include The company is one of the biggest player in truly custom jewelry business. They also have great experts in their respective fields to assist you throughout the process. Overall, this is a good choice if you are looking for a USA-based business only.

A screenshot of landing page. landing page

3. Gemvara

Pros: Pay up to 3 installments, 45-day returns and NY-based.


  • They sell both certified and uncertified diamonds.
  • Only one year craftmanship warranty.
  • Long waiting time (1-2 months)
  • More expensive.

Gemvara is a great choice for people who wants to have the option to pay in instalments. Owned by Richline Group Inc. – a Berkshire Hathaway acquisition, Gemvara custom fine jewelry can fund their customers’ purchase flexibly. However, if time and warranty is an issue to you then there are better options.

A screenshot of Gemvara landing page.
Gemvara landing page

4. Etsy

Pros: A lot of selection to choose from.

Cons: You will be confined to whatever is on display instead of designing your own and no transparency.

A familiar platform for all things handmade/custom-made. However, it’s hard to know exactly where are the material sourced and what process is used in the making of the piece. Always be sure to ask for Fairtrade, certified or lab grown diamond.

A screenshot of Etsy custom jewelry landing page.
Etsy custom jewelry landing page.

5. KAY Jewelers

Pros: Well known and established brand in the USA with physical locations.


  • You can only personalize jewellery, you don’t have full control over the customization of the jewellery.
  • More expensive compared to the rest of the list with similar quality.

KAY Jewelers are a well-established jeweler with long history in the industry. With countless advertisements and successful sales, it could be said that KAY is one of the giants in the industry. However, if you want truly customized jewellery, KAY can only offer a limited customization of the jewellery.

A screenshot of KAY Jewelers personalized landing page.
KAY Jewelers personalized landing page

TIDAN is a jewelry/technology startup that incorporates the excellence of 3D printing into metallurgy. TIDAN 100% customizable jewelry are made with ethical, sustainable materials and Swedish craftmanship. We are in the business of emotion, of love therefore we commit to the highest standard of quality and care. Providing lifetime warranty to let you know we won’t ever let you down.

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