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What is a signet ring and how to wear one? - TIDAN
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What is a signet ring and how to wear one?

The signet ring has been around since 3500 BC and has historically been a mark of authenticity. But why do we still have it and what is it? We hope to answer these questions and many more in the headings below.

What is the purpose of a signet ring?

Historically signet rings have been used to mark important documents with a personal seal. Today we use digital signature signatures so why do we have signet rings today. Today signet rings are used as a personal symbol, a conversation starter, a center piece for an outfit, a symbol of heritage and much more. Mainly we see signet rings as a great way to express yourself in a subtle way. With over 8 billion people on Earth the importance to show ones individuality is more crucial than ever. It is easy in today’s society to feel forgotten in the masses. A truly unique item that you yourself can design in that scenario becomes very purposeful.

What metal is a signet ring made of?

A signet ring can be made of any metal. The most popular metal is Yellow Gold. If you close your eyes and think of a signet ring most likely it will be in Yellow Gold. Or better yet google it the first results are likely yellow. The options however don’t cease at the metal type as there are three different karats of Yellow gol. Although most decide between 18K vs 14K. The other precious metals you can make your ring from is Platinum, White Gold, Swedish Red Gold, Rosé Gold and Sterling Silver. There are many factors to decide on when picking a metal, the first is usually the color but also the properties of the metal. Signet rings are rarely made from Platinum mainly because of ignorance and the subject of Platinum vs Gold is a hotly debated one. To sum up if you want to play it safe go with Yellow Gold, if you want to spice things up consider Platinum and if you want to save a buck go with Sterling Silver.

What does a signet ring look like?

A signet ring is commonly made with a round seal and curved band. However they can come in many shapes. A round seal has three main shapes circle, portrait oval and landscape oval and likewise a square signet has three shapes, square, portrait rectangle and landscape rectangle, see image below. Finally there is the option of a completely custom seal and the options there are limitless. The band can also come in many different shapes, usually however one decides between having a curved band and a flat band.

What size should my signet ring be?

You signet ring can be made in any size most important to consider is the finger on which it is to be worn and from there decide the size. For reference we have collected the most common sizes for signet rings based on finger below:

What does the seal of a signet ring look like?

The seal itself is one of the most important parts of a signet ring and also has the greatest variance in its design. There are though three main categories of design. First we have the letters. It is a common practice to write one’s initials on the ring. What is after all more connected to one’s soul than one’s name. Second we have heraldry, some of us have a coat of arms. Coat of arms signet rings are historically very common and are today sometimes worn by nobility. We also see many wanting to design and create a new coat of arms for their family-line. Thirdly we have imagery, something that signifies something important to that person. These three can be combined below you can see an example of a ring with the two countries of an individual engraved on the sides with initial on the seal.

Which hand should I wear the signet ring on?

Traditionally the signet ring has been worn on the non-dominant hand. However this differs from culture to culture. Therefore it might be best to simply wear it on the hand you feel most comfortable with wearing it. Why not show it off when heading for that hand shake? From a design aspect you might want to spread out your trinkets to put too much focus on one side. If you therefore have a watch or a bracelet on one hand, consider placing your ring on the other.

Which finger should I wear the signet ring on?

There is symbolism associated with the finger you wear the signet ring on. In some countries the pinky is considered to be close to family. That is why many heraldry rings are usually worn on the pinky. A signet on the pinky can also be associated with power. Design-wise a ring on your main fingers such as the index finger or the middle finger will give the ring a more prominent position. A subtle design will therefore play better on your main fingers. While a more extravagant design will do well on your pinky or thumb.

What does a signet ring cost and where can I get one?

The price of a signet ring comes down to the metal and the weight of that metal. If you want to have a premium metal such as 18K Gold or Platinum and you want to fit your index finger you can expect the ring to run for around €1500. If however you want a lighter metal and a small ring it might not be more than €400. The best way to find out what your dream ring will cost is to contact us. You can get a signet ring at, or

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