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What is solitaire jewelry? - TIDAN

What is solitaire jewelry?

Solitaire jewelry or setting is, by definition, consisted of one single precious stone. It has gained popularity because of its ability to exert luxury and elegance without overpowering other aspects of your outfit. Versatile, magnificent and stunning – it makes an appearance in weddings, graduations, birthdays and anniversaries.

A prong solitaire setting ring
A six-prong setting solitaire from TIDAN

How many carats is a solitaire?

The stone in the solitaire can come in many different sizes and types and there is no single truth regarding the size. However there is statistics regarding the average size of earth-mined diamonds depending on where you are. Below are some regional statistics.


Are solitaire rings only for engagement?

Solitaire rings are most famously known for engagement, but this is also regional. In countries such as Sweden the solitaire is more often used as a wedding band and the plain wedding band is used as an engagement ring.

Why are solitaire diamonds more expensive?

It is known that the larger an Earth-mined diamond, the more expensive it gets. However, the price per carat also goes up with size. This is because the larger the diamond the rarer it is to find. Therefore, a three stone ring with three diamonds each 0.3 ct is often cheaper than a solitaire with a 0.9 ct diamond.

How popular are solitaire rings?

According to De Beers Group report, in China, there is a very strong preference for traditional solitaire rings, which account for around nine in 10 (87 per cent) Millennial and Gen Z bridal acquisitions. Chinese people often obtain the largest stone with the highest caratage as a display of prestige and prosperity.

For the US market, there has been a shift to other styles of rings such as a pave setting and halo setting. Larger stone sizes are also more popular with the statistics showing 35% of diamond engagement rings have a stone of one carat or more.

What does solitaire diamond look like?

Since the precious stone is often the star of the piece, the stone will be picked by the buyer to ensure maximum satisfaction aesthetics-wise and function-wise. There are many options as to how a stone can look like including Single (Old European Cut), Brilliant, Portuguese, Trilliant, Heart, Radiant, Peruzzi, Princess, French, Cushion, Lozenge, Oval, Emerald, Pear and Marquise. See picture below:

A chart on types of precious rock cuts

In a survey by TheKnot, 53% of engagement rings have the round brilliant cut. This cut ensures that light can get reflected off the stone creating an incredible sparkle that is a perfect complement for any occasion. With that being said, a piece of jewelry will be your companion on many occasions and we want to make sure that it is perfect. Don’t worry, our jewelry experts will recommend you a stone based on your ring style.

What does solitaire ring look like?

Although a professional would have a vast number of categories to define a ring, we simplified it for you.

  • Prong setting: A traditional but fantastic take on the ring. The name comes from the fact that the stone is held by prongs of metal.
A ring showing prong setting
Prong setting from TIDAN
  • Bezel setting: A true classic for classical people. The metal is folded over the stone creating a perfectly safe and sturdy ring. There are 2 types of bezel:
  • Tension setting: Minimalistic and modern. This is the ring for trendsetters and for the bold. You don’t follow, you lead. Period.

TIDAN hopes this blog has been helpful and informative for you to understand solitaire rings better! This simple piece of jewelry acts as a catalyst to elevate your outfit in the most subtle and in the most beautiful way. At TIDAN, your ring is 100% fully customizable for you to incorporate what you love into your jewelry at the price point of store-bought ones! To find out more contact us here or check out some of our pre-made collections.

TIDAN is a jewelry/technology startup that incorporates the excellence of 3D printing into metallurgy. TIDAN 100% customizable jewelry are made with ethical, sustainable materials and Swedish craftmanship. We are in the business of emotion, of love therefore we commit to the highest standard of quality and care. Providing lifetime warranty to let you know we won’t ever let you down.

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