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Where can I find the best wedding rings in Stockholm? - TIDAN
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Where can I find the best wedding rings in Stockholm?

Looking for the best wedding rings in Stockholm?
It can be difficult to find wedding rings or engagement rings that feels right for you. That’s why we have compiled the 5 best jewelry stores, which we believe have the best wedding rings in Stockholm.

Goldsmiths 2-5 does not offer self-designed jewelry, but has a varied and beautiful assortment.

However, should you not find your perfect ring with these goldsmiths, you can always design your own at TIDAN. TIDAN have experience in designing and creating unique jewelry from the start, such as engagement rings, wedding rings and signet rings.


TIDAN is a unique company that is currently at the forefront of its jewellery making through 3D printing. The design possibilities are endless, while making TIDAN environmentally friendly, Fair-trade and affordable.

The products are made-to-order for every unique customer and this technology does not involve mass production or product stocks. Therefore, TIDAN can offer a lower price than competitors by avoiding unnecessary mark-ups. This creates an honest pricing.

TIDAN have gained great knowledge and experience within the custom-made jewelry business. TIDAN offers great service with professional jewelry and 3D-designers from around the world. Together with a Swedish high-tech craft and the mission of making custom-made jewelry accessible for everyone, TIDAN offers designs with no limits.

2. Efva Attling Stockholm

Efva Attling is the woman who put Swedish jewelry design on the world map. The unique collections are inspired by her love for words and music.

She wants to inspire with her jewelry collections, which she does. At Efva Attling you can find all kinds of jewelry together with accessories and perfume. All with a classic Swedish design.

3. Sandberg Sweden

Sandberg is the brand that does not believe in mass production. They manufactures everything according to order in their own gold smithy. This goldsmith offers a wide range of products within each jewellery category. They mainly specifies on engagement and wedding rings.

If you are looking for unique rings with a Nordic design, this is something for you.

4. Caroline Hjerpe

Caroline Hjerpe is a Swedish brand that have created handmade jewelry since 2014. The jewelry has a design that speaks for itself, is environmentally friendly and made with love.

Caroline wants to create a personal look with her jewelry. She believes that the collections are for strong women – who dare to be themselves.

5. Pandora

Pandora started as a small shop by a Danish goldsmith in Copenhagen in 1982. Today, they are one of the world’s leading brands in jewelry.

Most people know Pandora through its “Moments” bracelet, were women could put together their own bracelet via various stones representing life’s milestones. Pandora has continued to deliver a large number of collections of good quality and have a large collection of rose gold jewelry.

We hope that this was helpful for where you can find the best wedding rings in Stockholm.

Still lost? Leave a comment below and we can help you.


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